INFANT :  0 - 24 months


“What we see in the crib is the greatest mind that has ever existed, the most powerful learning machine in the universe.” - Gopnik, Meltzoff, and Kuhl

In infancy, relationships and experiences with trusted caregivers are the base for all learning. Developmental activities for infant are directed towards 5 skills:  emotional, cognitive, language, physical, and social competence.

Program Features:

  • Honing Emotional Skills: Our teachers spend time singing along, dancing, playing with puppets/ soft toys and imaginary play to make your child feel happy and bond with the care taker. This in turn promotes a deeper understanding of your child’s personality, likes, dislikes, and developmental needs and creates a new episode of care.

  • Cognitive Skills: This program focuses on infants’ exploration of their environment. The infant is taught the process of being aware, knowing, thinking, learning and judging. This is done by means of visual interaction and understanding cause of effect of these actions.

  • Language Skills: This is a form of communication which includes listening and making sounds. Infants are encouraged to make animal and insect sounds and to identify their family and fellow mates by their names.

  • Physical Skills: The infant is taught motor sensory skills through movement, feel , touch and gross motor skills through play ( kick , sit, reaching out for objects etc.)

  • Social Competence Skills: Learning to interact with everyone through play with ramps, slides, and climbers allows the child to practice this skill. A little one can explore the senses and support visual and auditory development with tummy time, first songs, and more.



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